Friday, October 31, 2008

Hypocrisy on Both Sides of the Fence

Kate McMillan wrote a hilarious piece called You Might Be a Liberal. (Read here)

Reading it I thought many of the hypocrisies she mentioned could be flipped to go the other way. So I thought I'd give it a try. I don’t want to use conservative, but I will use Republican instead.

You Might be a Republican

If you are offended at the term “trailer trash” but won’t vote for a politician who is intelligent and educated, because he’s one of 'them there ee-lites' – you might be a Republican

If you don't believe in evolution, yet will say some civilizations are more evolved than others – you might be a Republican

If you believe in freedom of choice for riding a motorcycle without a helmet but not for smoking a joint in your own backyard – you might be a Republican

If you agree that having a beer is so dangerous that you need to be 21 to purchase it, and only 18 to join the military during wartime – you might be a Republican

If you believe in free speech but are against Sarah Palin having a press conference – you might be a Republican

If you think that your omnipitent invisible sky-fairy is real, and someone else's invisible sky fairy is fake- you might be a Republican

If you rail at a half-second clip of a semi exposed nipple during a half-time show, but secretly wish Sarah Palin’s miniskirt was an inch or two higher when they give those back shots of her speeches – you might be a Republican


  1. A couple of these are pretty dead on. Evolution and war on drugs specifically.

  2. If you believe 1,000,000 murdered babies in the womb is fine, but wrench your gut at the Newtown shooting, you ARE a liberal.

  3. If you think Marijuana and drugs should be freely available but the ability to defend yourself and your home taken away, you ARE a Democrat.