Monday, October 27, 2008

Should we be buying stocks like Buffet says?

Warren Buffet had a widely read Op-Ed in the New York Times recently. Buffet thinks the time is ripe to buy. According to MSN's Bill Fleckenstein it is not:

Folks who think what happened in Japan can't happen here should think twice, because what happened in Japan can happen here -- in spades -- especially when one considers that the Japanese save and Japan runs a trade surplus. We do neither. Even though historically we've tended to clean up our problems a lot
faster, that is not our current policy; capitalism has been abandoned for socialism when it comes to financial matters.

Let's face it, there's a possibility that Buffet is speaking in his own self interest. When Buffet speaks people listen. If he can help talk up the market it goes directly to his bottom line.


  1. I hope he's speaking in his own interest. The road to hell is paved with tea-cosy heads acting in the best interests of others.

  2. I agree. Certainly. But if all our holdings are in equities, your "advice" becomes a bit tainted, no?

  3. I bought, but have not faired well. I hope he's right at some point.