Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monster Football Game: NY Giants at Pittsburgh

Tomorrow the 5-1 G-Men take on the 5-1 Steelers in their biggest contest of the year. This is going to be old school, physical football. Look for Big Ben to be harassed, hit and sacked all afternoon.... The match-up of the day will be 6' 4", 270 lbs. tailback Brandon Jacobs against the Steeler's linebackers. The Jints O-line can open up a hole and get him into the backfield. Watch for some serious collisions.

Prediction: Giants 17-13 over the Steelers. Lots of injury time-outs.

Update: It's now halftime. 9-7 for the Giants. Smashmouth as promised. Steeler linebackers stuffed Jacobs on 4th and goal from inside the one. The Giants safeties, James Butler and Kenny Phillips have been outstanding with big hits, one causing an interception.

Update II: 21-14 final. The Giants go into Steeltown and win it. Roethlisberger was sacked 5 times and knocked down 15 times. What did I tell you? There's no doubt: The Giants ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL. (I don't care what you say about Tennessee.)


  1. Old school football ...

    Troy Polamalu called out the NFL for turning it into a pansy game, and Hines Ward followed up with a jaw breaking block on Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers the next Sunday.

    ... it's going to be a great game!

  2. Ditka quoting Lombardi...

    " People say football is a contact sport.
    I say dancing is a contact sport.
    Football is a collision sport."

  3. Eli is seemingly in the perfect headspace, confident but not cocky. And his teammates know this and feed off it, knowing that if they don't put everything they have on the field, they might be the reason they lose, because it won't be Eli's fault.