Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Hate Brett Favre

Here's a story broken on a great website, Profootballtalk.com: ESPN decides to hush-up dirt on Favre

On Wednesday, Favre undoubtedly will be asked about the situation when he meets with the media for a weekly press conference. Applying the logic reflected by the above quote, ESPN’s "do not report" mandate should also apply to any response Favre makes to Glazer’s report.
I'm so tired of the media worship of Brett Favre.

"He just wants to have fun." "He'd do this for free." "Brett's just a kid throwing the ball with his friends in the sandlot." Pfft!

It looks like ESPN is trying to protect Favre from criticism, and didn't you know it all along. The media are in the tank for that egomaniac wholesale.

They didn't say a word after Favre blew the NFC Championship last year. He was cold, his body language said he didn't want to be there. In overtime, after getting the kickoff, he threw a gimme pick to the Giants which led to defeat. Not a peep from the media.

The Jets are 3-3. Sorry to them, but I will be cheering against Favre the whole season.

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  1. I actually feel the most sorry for Peter King.
    After years of sycophantic ass-kissing and glorification of Favre, he pretty much ended up as the goat of this story - with Favre leaving him out to dry.
    It was no surprise that King jumped to Favre’s defense, but Favre let him go out on a limb, staking both their credibilities that it was “complete B.S.”
    When it turned out later in week that Favre had perhaps left a few details out and that he may have returned a phone call, King was left to answer the questions: “Were you trying to be favourable to Favre, or was Favre not truthful with you?”
    It made me cringe, listening to him trying to maintain neutral credibility, and yet still unwilling to give up his golden boy, despite the betrayal. The closest he came to assigning any blame was saying that Brett had hedged his bets and had disclosed that he actually had returned a phone call.
    It doesn’t matter though. Brett Favre is an ego-maniacal piece of shit. And Brett Favre will be in the hall of fame.
    But I get the feeling that Peter King was a bit pissed off after this last incident. I’ll be curious to read between the lines and see if any emotion comes through on the next Monday Morning Quarterback.