Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spoken Social Faux Pas of 2008

  • Q. Is there a recycle bin around? I have junk mail I need to discard.
    A. I have a waste basket right here.

  • I just got back from my Mexico vacation. I had an all-inclusive, beach front hotel. I never made it outside of the compound, except to and from the airport.

  • My barbeque grill was filthy, so I sparked it up, put in on full and burned it off for 20 minutes. Nothing like a good smoke to kill the germs.

  • I’m disappointed that Obama won.

  • (When ordering at a restaurant) No I don’t want the micro-brewed dark ale, I’ll have a Labatt’s Blue please.

  • In my experience, it’s much easier to get along with a male manager than a female manager.

  • I told my 12 year old kid, if he wanted to go to his baseball game he could ride his bike, I don’t have the time for these things.

  • I don’t think it is part of my job description to go to a soup kitchen with my work team and volunteer my time.

  • (When ordering at a restaurant during a work lunch) I’ll have a double vodka with club soda, in a tall glass with a slice of lime please.

  • I had computer troubles so I phoned the Help Desk and specifically asked for Bill. The other guy has an accent that I find difficult to understand at times.

UPDATE: These are not my personal opinions. I was attempting satire. I thought of things that would be perfectly normal to say 25 years ago, that might not be anymore.


  1. Weird that you would choose to keep culture-war stuff afloat. Every single one of these are directly related to your upscale-urban-educated environment. And, the Micro Brew stuff tends to be qualitatively better.

  2. Labatts Blue!!??!! Pabst Blue Ribbon!!

  3. I must admit I prefer a good micro brew myself but I withhold judgement on what my companion chooses to drink. So long as you drink you're good in my books. Then again, if you order a Molson Canadian or any lite beer I might be a little suspect.

  4. I withhold judgement on all of these. It's not my personal opinions, but watch heads turn when you hear them. (Mind you, I do put discarded paper in the waste basket and I did order a drink at a work lunch once when I had started a new job. Unfortunately I ordered first and afterwards nobody else at the table ordered an alcolholic beverage. Very embarrasing.)

  5. Withholding judgment? Sounds like you're hyper-judging, just in reverse. So, which makes me authentic Bud-light or the micro brew? I agree with Strach, what you order does say something. Just like angrily ordering an uber-mass-made inferior beer says something. Generally it says, "Leafs fan."

  6. Fydor: So, which makes me authentic Bud-light or the micro brew?

    ----> Neither. Though, if we're out for a drink sometime and I order a Coors Light, I hope you won't think less of me.

  7. And, if I show up to pre-drink with a 6 of Old Milwaukee you better not pre-judge me either.

  8. When I was college age visiting the States in the early 90's I would get looks for showing up with Old Mil-watery. The funny thing is, it tastes exactly like Bud, and costs half the price. But everybody else had Bud. Suckers for marketing.