Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Is a Terrorist Attack So Quickly Dismissed as the Cause for the Missing Air France Plane?

I've been reading and watching on television about the Air France disaster. Investigators don't know what happened, and don't believe lightning and/or turbulence caused it. The crew never radioed a May Day call. Doesn't a bomb and sudden explosion make sense? So why does the New York Times report it this way:

As a search for wreckage began over a vast swath of ocean between Brazil and the African coast, experts struggled to offer plausible theories as to how a well-maintained modern jetliner, built to withstand electrical and physical buffeting far greater than nature usually offers, could have gone down so silently and mysteriously.

There were no suggestions on Monday that a bomb, a hijacking or sabotage was to blame. Whatever of the plane’s final minutes was recorded in its black box may never be known, because it is presumably at the bottom of the Atlantic. As is common with trans-ocean flights, it was too far out over the sea to be tracked on land-based radar from Brazil or Senegal. Whether its location was captured by satellite or other planes’ radar is not known yet.
I find it strange, they have no idea what happened, but rule out a bomb or sabotage?


  1. Good Point. The press can never handle an unknown. Everything has to be delivered in a easy to understand, black and white, format. Remember the Gore Bush election. The press could not deal with an unknown victory. My morning paper had a "Gore Wins" headline. Even the idea of saying we don`t know who has won, was too much for the TV news folks.
    No one at this point knows what happened to the Air France flight. The press would rather invent an answer, then simply report something as an unknown. Hey, lets not rule out a Klingon alien abduction.

  2. Yes, that's a good point. I think humans in general tend to do that. Don't know how the world was created? Let's explain it away with God, despite the shaky evidence. I remember talking to a person who said: "I've seen the Grand Canyon, I know there's a God."

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