Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nanny Scandal With Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla

I find these accusations fascinating and tend to believe the poor nannies. The Toronto Star chronicles the abuse in this expose:

Fast-rising Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla has become entangled in the nanny trap, with allegations two nannies hired to care for her mother were illegally employed and then mistreated.

The nannies also allege Dhalla improperly seized their passports and family members forced them to do non-nanny jobs such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning family-owned chiropractic clinics.


Ruby Dhalla vehemently denied any mistreatment of the nannies. "I've never held
on to anybody's passport," Dhalla said." I've never raised my voice to anyone."

Gordo, who said she was owed money after she quit, claims Ruby Dhalla called and said she would pay if the nanny signed a letter saying she was well treated and properly paid. Gordo refused. Later, Gordo said she met Dhalla's mother, Tavinder, at a McDonald's and was handed $400 cash.

In the interview, Ruby Dhalla said nannies at the home work for her family, not her.

She said she spends four days a week in Ottawa. Gordo and Tongson said Dhalla arrived at the home every Thursday and left for Ottawa on Monday. They said she occupies the biggest suite in the four-bedroom house.

Dhalla said all queries should be directed to her brother.

It sounds like Dhalla's family expected an old country servant, and used threats and intimidation on these women to get their way. Obviously, it was so bad all three of the women quit in a short time period, despite the consequences. The fact that Dhalla seems to be shifting the blame onto her family in the part I quoted, makes me think she knows that she has done wrong.

UPDATE: The boss is not happy.
Statement by Michael Ignatieff

This morning I accepted Ruby Dhalla's resignation as Youth & Multiculturalism Critic. Ms. Dhalla will continue to serve as the Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale. I look forward to a determination of the facts regarding her family's experience with live-in caregivers.


  1. Also possible - lazy nannies, and I've met a few of them who take the kids out to parks and make it a gathering of nannies from the same country. They socialize, while the kids are ignored.

    And also possible - they met or were introduced to people who are Reformatory-friendly; encouraged to talk, encouraged to exaggerate -- and were possibly paid to do this.

  2. Yes, those are possibilities. Pure specualtion on my part. Her back peddling seemed telling.

  3. I believe the three nannies. One nanny, okay perhaps a story, three is telling you something. In the third world this is very common to enslave domestic help.
    And Anon that is what parks are for. You let the kids play on the swings, while you relax and read a book. Most of these girls are young and away from home. Having a chance once in a while, to meet other young girls at the park that speck their native language, is often their only form of social interaction.