Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reusable Bags Are Great for the Envirnoment Going to Make You Sick

I'm happy about this scientific finding that reusable bags suck.
The study found that 64% of the reusable bags tested were contaminated with some level of bacteria and close to 30% had elevated bacterial counts higher than what's considered safe for drinking water.

Further, 40% of the bags had yeast or mold, and some of the bags had an unacceptable presence of coliforms, faecal intestinal bacteria, when there should have been 0.

"The presence of faecal material in some of the reusable bags is particularly concerning," Dr. Summerbell stated. "All meat products should be individually wrapped before being placed in a reusable bag to prevent against leakage. This should become a mandated safety standard across the entire grocery industry."
Hopefully somebody sends a memo to snarling, anti-plastic bag, fascist, grocery clerks.

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  1. Now that`s funny! Ten years from now, there will be a big movement to get rid of backyard composts. It will all be about the rat population.
    Garbage pickup solved the backyard rat problem, but we have since forgotten that lesson.