Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poll: Tories in the Lead

It looks like the coronation of Michael Ignatieff by the media as the new PM of Canada, is on hold for now, as the liberals fall back into second place.

The latest survey, conducted for Canwest News Service and Global National, shows the Harper Conservatives have edged up two percentage points in recent weeks, to capture a slim lead with 35 per cent support.

The Liberals, while significantly ahead of their showing under former leader Stephane Dion, have dropped three points to 33 per cent support of decided voters.
The Liberals haven't quite understood that regular Canadians haven't fallen in love with Iggy, like they have. Why should they? Has the man said anything other than bland generalities? What are his policies? Even in boring old Canada you have to pretend to stand for something.

UPDATE: I'm watching Question Period live from the House of Commons. Liberal Finance Critic John "Too Drunk To Be Allowed On An Airplane" McCallum is criticizing Harper and the Tories for running a deficit. Wasn't the whole point of the Coup d'Etat last year, was to get the government to spend more money, and use fiscal stimulus? So do they want the Tories to now do spending cuts? Who are these light weights? There's a term in politics, it's called: Staying on the message.

I always wondered how Chretien got elected to three straight majorities with these clowns. It was that the right were still divided and hadn't got their act together. It had nothing to do with the talent of the Liberal strategists. We're seeing now what amateurs they are.

UDATE II: I don't have an exact quote but Harper made a crack, to paraphrase: "I don't understand the opposition, they criticize the deficit and are also asking us to spend more?"

UPDATE III: The exact quote is: "I think Canadians can see... we have the opposition parties coming in and saying the deficit is too large, why don't you spend more?" The Tory benches erupted in laughter.


  1. Sorry mate, but you just don`t get it. You are trying to make sense out of Liberal politics. Liberal MPs know they can say or do anything, and Liberal supporters will still vote for them. Tory voters will turn their back on bad policies. Kim Campbell was in the wrong party. How much do you want to bet that Filipino Canadians in Brampton Ontario, will still vote Liberal in the next election. Think of all the people in Toronto, Montreal, the Maritimes, and Vancouver that voted for Dion. If Dion can muster that much of the vote, just think how much Iggy will get. Buddy forget common sense, this is Canadian politics we are talking about.

  2. I don't think they have crushing majority power anymore. They've faired poorly in the last three elections, and if the election were called today, they would get a slim minority at best. I'm not as intimidated as I used to be.

    Of course, I'm setting myself up for disappointment.