Thursday, May 28, 2009

Iggy the Carpetbagger

Claire Hoy, writing from some hickville paper, does a beautiful hit piece on Iggy that gets straight to the point. So called Tory 'negative ads' are dead on
If he didn't win his Toronto riding, he said, he would move back to Massachusetts.

No great surprise there. After all, this is a man who continually referred to himself as an American, both in his speeches and his writing. In fact, in 2004, just one year before he was coaxed into coming north to grab a chance at his party's leadership, Ignatieff appeared on C-SPAN, the congressional cable channel, and said this:

"Look, this is America and you have to decide what kind of country you want. This is your country as much as it is mine."

At that time, by the way, Ignatieff was one of then president George W. Bush's strongest supporters of torture, the Iraq war and the Bush doctrine against terrorism on U.S. soil.

And now, just a few short years later, Ignatieff would have Canadians believe that Tory advertisements openly questioning his allegiance to his birth country are not only insulting to him, but to every Canadian who has ever lived or worked abroad.

What a hypocrite.

Why doesn't Claire Hoy have a column in a major newspaper?

The point is true and everybody knows it. Iggy lived virtually, his adult life away from Canada, and comes back in his 60's to be Prime Minister? It's absurd. The public can see it. (Well, he's popular in Quebec, but they're a "nation" themselves, and not Canadian right?)

Michael Ignatieff is a carpetbagger.

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  1. Iggy could be a convicted serial killer and people in Montreal, Toronto, the East Coast, and Vancouver, will still vote Liberal.