Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Comes Early to the CBC

Do you think they were feeling a little smug when this came over the wire? U.S. World Dominance Fading: Intelligence Agency

China is poised to have more impact than any other country, but the report also foresees a rise by India and Russia.


What is striking, the report notes, is that none of the three rising stars adhere to a Western liberal model but rather a system of state capitalism, under which the government takes a key role in economic management.

I love the little nod to "state capitalism." Do you think the state-owned CBC have any supporters of that concept?

The fact that the US Intelligence community made this report is a good thing. They have trouble forecasting the sun rising in the east in the morning. Wasn't the biggest story of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fact that US Intelligence was completely caught by surprise?

In this case, I think India will definitely rise. I see that as a good thing. China, and Russia are handcuffed by non-democratic and authoritarian governments. They might start flexing their muscles in their regions. Maybe it would be a bit of a relief if the US has diminished power and can worry about its own troubles closer to home, instead of everybody else’s?

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