Friday, November 28, 2008

I Hate These Plates

I don't feel comfortable crossing the border with these babies.


  1. It's better than, Keep it Beautiful or Friendly Manitoba.

    The thought of Ontario having a plate reading, The Best Place on Earth is amusing to me at the moment. Of course the CN Tower and Skydome would be the image in the background. You wouldn't want the best place on earth to be confused with anything north of Barrie or east of Cobourg.

  2. I would take Keep it Beautiful over this. (If BC is thumping chest hubristic with "The Best Place on Earth", Manitoba is neurotically under-confident with "Friendly Manitoba".)

    - north of Barrie? I thought anything north of Bloor was a write-off?

  3. Haha... for some in Toronto that would be true but the government probably has a slightly greater view of what makes up Ontairo. I stress slightly.

    The most beautiful part of Ontario in my opinion is the stretch of HYW between the Soo and Thunderbay. 95% of Ontarians probably have no clue it exists.