Saturday, November 8, 2008

Giants Travel to the Land of Barbarians

Big Blue travel down through New Jersey to Philadelphia this weekend. It’s a night game so the Philly thug fans will be even drunker and rowdier than usual. The Giants come in 7-1 and considered by many to be the best team in the NFL. This rivalry is always going to be tough, especially with the 5-3 Eagles looking to chip at the Jints NFC East lead. The matchup of the day will be the Giants Offensive Line versus the undersized Iggles Defensive Line. If Philly wants to apply pressure on the passer, they will have to blitz. (And, trust me, they will blitz!) This is where Eli has to throw quick check-downs. I see Derek Ward having a big game out of the backfield. It’s never boring when these two play. And it's always bloody.
Update: 36-31 for the Giants. I love this team. Power running I haven't seen since the 2004 Packers.


  1. Thursday night looks to be a good one... Jets-Giants Superbowl anyone?