Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ravens at Giants

Another tough one today as the Ravens come to the Meadowlands. Ever since the drubbing the Giants took from Baltimore in the Superbowl from the 2000 season, I've always been uneasy about them. They still have Ray Lewis. The key match up today will be Rookie QB Joe Flacco vs. the Giants pass rush. The kids seems unflappable but he hasn't seen this kind of pressure before.

UPDATE: Giants win 30-10. They are dominating during this tough stretch. It sure makes for relaxing viewing.

UPDATE II: My wife says that these Giants' posts are self-indulgent and nobody cares. She has a point, but on Football Sunday it's the best I can do.


  1. Nobody cares? If you didn't I would think you didn't care, then I wouldn't care. Then all the meaning would be gone and I wouldn't watch.

    Damn. I tuned in half-way through the 2nd q. Mistake, the game was over already.

    G-Men are looking tight. And Eli, the dork that he is, seems his usual uncool but unflappable self.

  2. They are looking very tight. Eli has been solid but they are a run team first. They are winning with the run.

    (I shouldn't have said nobody cared. There's a New Jerseyan lurking out there after all.)