Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Most Hilarious "Correction"

I read Ezra Levant's site regularly. He's a free speech crusader. He battles phony politically correct censors who will tell us what we can and cannot read. Yesterday, he had a hilarious take down of J-school professor John Miller, who was on a panel with him at a free speech conference. (Here)

Today I saw the headline "Correction." I was wondering what facts he got wrong in the previous article. It ended up being a laugh-out-loud post. (Here)

I think this is delicious. For a year, "the journalism doctor" has been lecturing mere bloggers like me (and mere international best-selling authors like Mark Steyn) about not being real journalists. We aren't responsible; we're not competent; we're not professional. What a hoot to learn that he's not a doctor at all -- nor does he have a master's degree, or even a degree in journalism itself. But he's so snobby about his "craft" that he pretends to have one.

Read the whole thing.

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