Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not Getting It

Oh boy, my first look over at NRO and here's what I see:

Prediction by : Jonah Goldberg

Now that McCain has lost, and Sarah Palin has time to reintroduce herself down the road, the anti-Palin conservatives will almost surely look foolish in retrospect.

No, it's the exact opposite, Palin supporters are going to look foolish in retrospect. In fact, they look foolish RIGHT NOW! The McCain camp made a big mistake concentrating on the Sarah Palin and Joe the Plummer vote, thereby alienating people who put value on intelligence and education. Sorry, just being like everybody else in a small town is not what I aspire to, that's why I live in a big city. I want myself and the leader of the free world to be better than that. Sorry.

Strategically, weren't the folks who loved Palin going to vote Republican anyway? They already had the rednecks. It's like Obama nominating a VP candidate to try to woo the black vote.

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