Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Frum Nails It

David Frum has a piece in the National Post today on where the Republicans need to go if they ever hope to win another election. (Read here)

College-educated Americans have come to believe that their money is safe with Democrats – but that their values are under threat from Republicans. And there are more and more of these college-educated Americans all the time.

So the question for the GOP is: Will it pursue them? To do so will involve painful change, on issues ranging from the environment to abortion. And it will involve potentially even more painful changes of style and tone: toward a future that is less overtly religious, less negligent with policy, and less polarizing on social issues. That’s a future that leaves little room for Sarah Palin – but the only hope for a Republican recovery.

Update: It looks like Charles Johnson from LGF posted Frum's article and agrees (here)

This argument makes sense to us, and we’ve been holding forth in ourcomments on this very topic. If the GOP decides to go in the Bobby Jindal direction (fundamental Christianity, creationism, hard-line anti-abortionism, agressively anti-gay rights), it will be committing political suicide. As much as anything else, this election was a referendum on the social conservative agenda, and the social conservatives did not win.

A few days ago I was chased off the LGF comment board for suggesting Palin was a religious extremist. I was called a commie, a moby (not sure what that means), a troll, an idiot and worst of all a Canadian! I'm glad to see Johnson stick it to some of those creatures who lurk on his comment board.

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