Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Yeah, Things Are Still a Mess

Meanwhile the world is still falling apart and waiting for Obama to do something about it.

Wall Street:
A case of post-election nerves has sent stocks plunging as investors, again anxious about a recession, are wondering what impact a Barack Obama presidency will have on business and the overall economy. Volatility has returned on Wall Street, with the Dow Jones industrials falling 486 points to the 9,139 level, and all the major indexes tumbling more than 5 percent.

But an Iranian politician said the timing suggested it was directed at Barak Obama, who won Tuesday's U.S. vote, more than the U.S. military, and might reflect concern by hardliners in Iran who thrived on confrontation with Washington.


Russia will place short-range missile systems on the EU's eastern border to counter planned US missile defence installations in Eastern Europe President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.


"This is my first demand of the new president of the United States — to put an end to civilian casualties." said President Hamid Karzai

I'd be hitting the snooze button a few more times if I had to wake up with these problems to deal with.


  1. Given that there is always messes, the current mess is exponentially messier. No?