Sunday, November 23, 2008

Desert Storm in Arizona

Quarterback Kurt Warner has a jinx that he doesn't know about. It's the jinx of me watching him. Supposedly, Kurt is having an MVP year for the Cards. But I remember... A forgotten chapter in history is his stint with the Giants, which was horrible. He had busy feet. He fumbled. He was a bum. Whatever he had with the Rams, he didn't have anymore. It was painful watching him, and one of the most uninspiring Giants' teams I've ever watched. Now quietly, Arizona are a playoff caliber team behind Kurt. I watched them only once this year, when the Jets blew them out and Kurt had the same old problems. I still haven't seen MVP Kurt, and I never will. Not while my eyes watch.

UPDATE: A convincing 37-29 for New York. At 10-1, they are unquestionably the best team in football. Kurt looked like the Kurt I'm used to seeing. Busy feet. Fumbling. I'll believe a MVP/UFO sighting when I see it.

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