Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Self Awareness

Here's a youtube posted by a "comedian" to shake up those stupid Canadians who don't love and honor America. Because don't these dolt Canadians realize they owe every technology in their lives to Americans? (Even technologies they didn't invent, like the television?) Do they realize the Americans are nice enough not to invade, and conquer? Canadians were just sitting around, drinking beer doing nothing, the US gave them everything, and all they can do is criticize.

To borrow from Lewis Black, if you go around telling everybody that you're the best all the time, let's say at the office, do you not think people are going to think you're an asshole?

I'm what you would call a pro-American Canadian. But it's pretty easy to conclude, when you view demonstrations like this, and then see Americans gob smacked when they find out that they aren't liked in the world.... well, sorry, but maybe the joke is on them.

WARNING: Bad cliche comedy.


  1. Incredible! You should like us, because we could invade your country if we wanted to. Actually we were invaded by the US. That is why we are not part of the US. The US invasion was repelled.
    Thank God For General Brock!

  2. Yes, I can handle shots at Canadians and have taken many in my days. But, I've seen this kind of thing before where they're expecting you to say you love them and kiss their ass, all the while ridiculing my country. They're not seeing the catch 22 of why that makes them unlikable.