Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paranoid Acid Trip Muzak Part II

I recieved an email to remind me that The Wall was a huge selling album, and Pink Floyd is an all timer for popularity. Yes, I agree. But, if you listen to the album, and watch the movie, it's very intense artistic expression, to say the least. How did this become supermarket Muzak?

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  1. It`s just marketing. Most of the people shopping would have listened to that type of music when they were young. On weekends, I have even seen live music at the local Loblaws. I must say it does throw the shopper for a loop. Super market music used to be so bad.
    Also times change. Last Saturday at a Chapters store, I looked over a book about Pink Floyd and philosophy. When Pink Floyd is in the philosophy section, you know times have changed.