Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Fear of Hicks

Here's a creepy article from the Daily Telegraph on how the FBI believe at least 500 women were killed by trucker serial killers: (read)
US truck drivers often criss-cross huge swathes of the entire country, making it easy for homicidal ones to evade detection by police in each state, said the FBI.

"You've got a mobile crime scene. You can pick a girl up on the East Coast, kill her two states away and then dump her three states after that," an investigator told the Los Angeles Times.

To me the rural areas are the places that you need to be frightened about. There's gang warfare in Vancouver but I've never felt scared walking on the streets. The most threatened I've ever felt was at a truck stop in North Dakota. Everybody eyed us city folk when we walked in to use the bathroom and get some food. We were stared down by surly people. There were malicious smiles, and we skipped ordering food, and got the hell out of there. When we sped off we were convinced that they would have killed us if we had have stuck around.

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