Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Sox Steals Home

Is there a more exciting play in baseball? Visions of Jackie Robinson. Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury this past weekend.


  1. I was in New York State this past weekend. I watched a good part of the Sox Yankees series on TV. The Sox played some great baseball. Your right there is nothing quite like stealing home.

  2. I just emailed out this clip. Too bad our F-ing Sportsnet and TSN only give us the Blue Jays. They don`t realize a lot of sports fans like to watch six games at the same time.
    I was thinking of ordering the NHL package a couple of years ago. There was some fine print on the package stating that, local blackout rules still apply. I thought it was misprint. A sports package with blackout rules. It was not a misprint. I still don`t even understand the NHL blackout rules. Sportsnet blacks out Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton hockey games,in Eastern Canada. Why? I want to give them money to watch these games, and they are saying no.
    The YES channel and MSG available in New York State, are amazing.

  3. What a great video. I stole home in a Little League
    playoff game, when I was kid. It was the winning run. It was one of those great kid moments, that you never forget. When ever I see someone stealing home base, it just brings back such great memories. Thanks for the Youtube video.