Friday, April 3, 2009

Globe and Mail Columnist Waxes Nostalgic about Communism

My goodness, how does Rick Salutin still have a column at the Mop and Pail? Disgruntled at the economic times, he marvels at the communist glories that have passed us by:
Another model existed during the last global depression, in the 1930s. The Soviet Union was socialist and the bloom wasn't yet off that rose. Visitors from the West often returned with accounts of how well it worked. That shook up enough powerful people to help make the New Deal possible. In Canada in those years, the leader of Canada's Communist Party, Tim Buck, could draw a bigger crowd anywhere than prime minister Mackenzie King.

During later crises, when the Soviet system had ossified and its stench was unavoidable, there were other models: huge China, little Cuba, all the ex-colonies in Africa and Asia with versions of socialism. They weren't just in the heads of Western protesters and dreamers; they were on a map. You could go and see (or project) the dream fulfilled.

Never mind the millions of innocent people slaughtered by these tyrannies. The confiscation of property, the totalitarianism, the squashing of free speech. The utter failure of their economies. They provided a good example, and helped shake up the Canadian political establishment back in the good old days? Is that what he's saying?

How is this kook employed by a major newspaper?


  1. I have read that guys column before. Your right he is a kook. A lot of people did admire the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the 1930s. It`s been said that a big part of the New Deal, was because Elanor Roosevelt admired the Soviet Union.
    I just don`t get these NDPers. Every Province that goes NDP, goes down the drain. How many more examples of socialism do these people need, before they give up the dream. Rick Salutin should take a trip to North and South Korea. This A-hole needs wake up call.

  2. I love how he accuses the Press of villifying Communism then in the same stride villifies Capitalism. The same old mantra too. Those evil greedy bankers who live high on the hog while we toil away pay cheque to pay cheque. Sure, we're going through a slight set back right now but to blame it on capitalism is just plain stupid. Despite the "crisis" we're in take a look around. By my standards most of us toiling from pay cheque to pay cheque are still living extraordinarily well in comparison to the average person under any Communist system ever. With this in mind I can live with the odd story of over indulgences by CEO's. Better them then a Communist party elite eating cavier while I line up for a loaf of bread! This guy's a doofus and obviously doesn't get it.

  3. The current crisis was caused by a bubble burst in housing. Without Fannie Mae, a bank would have never done a liar loan. Mortgage interest is also tax deductible in the US, this also help pump housing prices. Without government interference there never would have been a housing bubble. Recessions are normal they correct excesses, and clean out the deadwood. The government refuses to except the recession, and is pumping money into the system. The cure may end up being a lot worse then the disease.
    No wonder a lot of newspapers are going broke. People are no longer putting up with people like Rick Sautin.