Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Self Importance at the CBC

I'm not surprised at all to find out that the CBC has been blowing tax payer funded money on luxuries.

CBC's ritzy retreats

CBC's top executives spent more than $60,000 over six months holding meetings in luxury hotels and resorts and expensing such items as sparkling wine and limousine rides.

Documents released under Access to Information show the CBC spent at least $61,500 on nine meetings between January and June 2006.

The meetings were held according to CBC/Radio-Canada guidelines, CBC spokesman Marco Dube wrote in an e-mail. When face-to-face meetings are required, "off-site meetings are usually better to avoid disruptions."

Stays in expensive resorts topped the bill. More than $21,600 was spent sending 21 CBC and Radio-Canada human resources managers and senior executives to the ritzy Chateau Beauvallon in Mont-Tremblant, Que., for two days. The limo costs alone for one vice-president amounted to $1,009.94.

The sense of entitlement is ingrained in these people. They need a wake up call.

Hat tip: Pat who says: Another reason to hate the CBC.


  1. It can be awfully stressful for the top honcho's at the CBC. It's also quite an achievement to reach such a high level of employment so one should expect to be compensated just as much as any other CEO in the private sector. In fact, if you compared the two these meetings are quite modest to what's typical in the private sector. If you want to attract the brightest minds you've got to provide some perks. Nah... i'm just f***ing with ya. This is another great reason to hate the CBC.

  2. I hate that brightest mind argument, that over paid civil servants make. It`s actually the opposite. A low salary attracts people that want to serve their country.
    The pukes at the CBC get a billion dollars in tax money. I guess CBC employees must laugh at all the suckers that have to pay taxes. I`ll take your money, but hey you can watch King Of Kensington.