Monday, April 13, 2009

Opening Up Cuba

I never understood why the Americans let the travel restrictions stand for as long as they did, but it appears that they are lifting it. Can Cuba cope with an onslaught of Americans?

HAVANA – A push in Congress to do away with U.S. travel bans on Cuba could set off a flood of American visitors to the long-forbidden island.

But many wonder if a country where foreigners have long complained about lousy food, sluggish service and iffy infrastructure is ready for an onslaught of Americans unseen since the days of Meyer Lansky and Al Capone.

This will be the end of communism on the island, in my opinion. How are average Cubans going to stand for it, with a massive influx of Americans spending big money? By isolating Cuba, the Americans helped Castro (and his brother) keep his power.

Cuba could very easily regain its old popularity. If they opened up the casinos, why would anybody go to the desert in Las Vegas, when you could go to a beautiful tropical isle?

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