Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Galloway Ruling Feeding Conspiracies

As I have written, barring George Galloway from entering Canada is going to feed conspiracy theorists.

I said: "Next thing you know we are going to be hearing that the Free Masons secretly ordered [Galloway's speaking engagements] stopped."

Notorious leftist Linda McQuiag of the Toronto Star has stepped up: (No Free Masons though)
Indeed, it seems likely Israel had a hand in the decision to ban Galloway from Canada. In March 2008, the Harper government signed a broad-ranging security pact with Israel. The pact, which has received scant attention in Canada's Parliament or media, established close Canada-Israeli co-operation in "border management and security," under a management committee comprised of Canada's deputy minister of public safety and Israel's director general of public security.

So was the decision to ban Galloway not only absurd and anti-democratic, but also influenced by a foreign government?

Canadian government spokesperson Alykhan Velshi denied this yesterday. But what exactly does this secretive management committee do, and how might it affect Canada's Muslim and Arab populations?

via Jonathan Kay at the National Post

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