Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Official Bilingualism Charade Travels to Vancouver

Good Grief! MPs worry Olympics will be lost in translation

Gauthier acknowledged things got off to a shaky start following a ceremony marking the one-year countdown to the Games that was criticized because of a lack of French.

"There were some francophone activities that evening but not enough and effectively it has allowed us to increase our monitoring to ensure that it doesn't happen again," Gauthier said after his appearance at the official languages committee of the House of Commons.

MPs from the Liberals, the Bloc Québécois and the New Democrats expressed concerns about whether tourism information, signs and billboards in the city and broadcasting would be offered to francophones in town for the events.

Vancouver is an English city. These directives are from Quebec, which is an officially unilingual French province 3500 km away.

Hat tip: Strack Attack, who adds: Open the wallet and spend a few million to fix this emergency!


  1. I read this article yesterday. Not once will you hear in the mainstream media, a call for bilingualism in Quebec. Quebec has Nazi style laws, but that is okay. BC should pass laws banning French in BC. Make the exact same language law that Quebec has, just switch the words French protection to English protection.
    My entire life has seen billions of dollars wasted on bilingualism, and yet an English sign is illegal in Quebec. It time to start saying no to Quebec. Enough already. This cancer continues to spread over Canada. Recently they wanted the city of Ottawa to become bilingual. This really just means all Ottawa civil servants would be French. There is even a French Ontario flag. It seems to never end.

  2. I saw that French Ontario flag. I had no idea:

  3. English is not only legal, it is mainstream in Québec to a much much greater degree French in Canada. Here, the slightest hint of French is treated like an intrusion by marginal Anglo-supremacists. Yellowknifers fight against the word "Le" on a public sign. Every province and territory has a "French flag", every province and territory has French schools.

    Live and let live man.