Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barbeque Sauce War Over

For chicken and pork, Canadian Club Hickory Bold is the best danged barbeque sauce out there. That's east, west, north and south of the Fraser River.

We barbeque more days than not, so having a good sauce is critical. Most of the time we use olive oil and spices, to prepare for the grill, but you can't do that everyday. Especially with chicken and pork. We had it narrowed down to Bull's Eye and Kraft. (Kraft is surprisingly good.) I've tried them all. Gourmet, local, name brands. My wife discovered Canadian Club by accident, being in a downtown specialty shop, it was all they had. I had a feeling it would be good, because one time I enjoyed "Jack Daniels" marinated ribs at a restaurant in the US. For some reason whisky works well for grilling. Why not with good ole' patriotic Canadian rye?

We had pork yesterday and chicken today on the grill and we both agreed it was the best flavour we've had yet. With pork and chicken low and slow is the key to grilling. I like to paint on every flip. The smoke, juices and CC Hickory Bold blended together like sex, drugs and rock and roll. (Without the disease and rehab associated with that expression.)

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