Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free Speech At Universities

Union may ban Israeli academics who support offensive:

An Ontario union may ban Israeli academics from teaching or speaking at the province's universities unless they condemn the current military action in the Gaza Strip, according to the Globe and Mail, sparking a fierce debate.

This is dreadful. Why is it these days that the universities are centre for the anti-free speechers and book burners? I thought the whole point was to have a forum with variety of opinions to be criticized and debated.


  1. Hmmm... is it 1936 in Nazi Germany? Geeze... there's a fine line here.

    Where's CUPE's outrage when it comes to Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.? If we're talking human rights... Do they currently ban any academics from these countries?

  2. Very good point. They never hold those countries to account, it's always the US or Israel as the bad guys. Never a peep about executing gays or women who get raped in those barbaric countries. I don't understand it to this day.

  3. Free speech on campus should be a political issue. In Canada, universities get a lot of funding from tax payers. Where are elected heroes when you need them? Remember Netanyahu not being allowed to speak at Concordia University, the Muslim students protested Netanyahu`s presence. A university campus is the last place on Earth, that should be banning free speech.

  4. Free speech is not considered very important in Marxist thought. They only invoke it when others try to suppress theirs.