Tuesday, January 6, 2009

View From the East: Pakistan Uses Terrorism as State Policy

India's news organ "The Hindu" takes note of secretive and duplicitous Pakistan. I find it refreshing that the news story makes no mention of NATO or the Afghanistan conflict in the west of Pakistan. (Refreshing in a sense that their focus is on themselves, and they don't worry about every single problem everybody else in the world has, like the US does.) The Indian PM himself came out publically denouncing them:

In his 30-minute speech, the Prime Minister referred to multi-dimensional challenges of different kinds of which the most serious threats were those posed by terrorism, Left wing extremism and insurgency in the Northeast.

"Extremism is primarily indigenous and home grown. Terrorism, on the other hand, is largely sponsored from outside the country, mainly Pakistan, which has utilised terrorism as an instrument of State policy," he said.

The Prime Minister said India's external policies have been dictated by a desire to have a supportive neighbourhood.

"Unfortunately, we cannot choose our neighbours, and some countries like Pakistan have in the past encouraged and given sanctuary to terrorist and other forces who are antagonistic to India," he said.

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