Friday, January 16, 2009

Plains of Abraham Battle Re-Enactment Causes Stir

It's Friday and that means it's time for some light hearted reading. In the Globe and Mail, a plan to re-enact the historic battle this summer has upset some Quebecers. (read)

Mr. Juneau, whose [National Battlefields Commission] is an agency of Canadian Heritage, acknowledged that he was "a bit on the defensive" about the event, but said the anniversary could be an opportunity to mark Quebec's advancement in 250 years.

"Yes it was a defeat. We took a beating in 1759," he said. "But we got up again. We survived. Today we're recognized as a nation."

Not to sound like too much of a bully but here's a guy who works for the government of Canada, talking about the proud Quebec nation, even though it is not an independant country. Forgive me, if I find that a little weak.

As I've written here before, Quebec needs to man up and go ahead and separate. You don't even have to fight for it, we're willing to let you go with a simple majority vote. Why Isn't Quebec an Independant Country?


  1. I hate the way they twist every story in Quebec. The French Canadians were more then happy to deal with the British, after France was kicked out. The French Governors of New France were utterly corrupt, and they considered French Canadians to be colonial scum(they still do, Quebecois get treated like garbage when they visit France). France also cared very little about New France. They provided a token military force to Montcalm. Later during the peace agreement, Britain handed back a captured sugar producing Caribbean Island to France. England kept control of New France. This became a national joke in France, claiming England just traded sugar for snow.
    Currently in Quebec, they talk about France as the loving mother country. English Canada is the loving mother country, we give them everything they want.

  2. Here is a great idea, the Brits should lose this time. Then France would have to pay for all of Quebec`s transfer payments, French Canadian civil servants,and bilingual labels. Lets give Quebec back to France. When are English Canadians going to wake up and realize what a sucker deal we have with Quebec.

  3. Yeah, that was the most counter-productive win in history. You could argue that they lost the American colonies soon afterwards, partly as a result of that.