Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playoffs: Eagles at Giants

The playoffs begin for the Giants with the hated Eagles. I fear multi-purpose Brian Westbrook, especially with the Giants slow linebackers and mediocre safeties. When he sees open field, he's hard to stop. Supposedly it will be cold and perhaps snowing, so that might slow him down.

On offense, they need to pile drive the smaller Eagles into submission. They have what it takes. The offensive line is a choreographed road grader, clearing the way for Incredible Hulk-like Brandon Jacobs. Pound, pound, pound. Ball control. Wear them down, eat up the clock.

I'm looking forward to this game. It starts at 10am west coast time, and I'll have the beers chilling overnight just in case.

UPDATE: I'm stunned. Anger hasn't set in yet. What the hell just happened? 23-11 Eagles just happened. After all that, the season is over. Wait a minute... I'm starting to feel anger.

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