Friday, January 9, 2009

Iggy's Shaky Start

I just saw Iggy on CBC. He was asked if he had any suggestions for Harper's budget, to which he replied: "It's his budget, not mine."

Uh, ok...

I'm becoming convinced that he really doesn't know what the hell he's doing. No doubt Liberals are getting nervous that this guy might not have the goods.

Are they and the Coalition daring to vote this budget down? As I mentioned a week ago, his spin-doctor Warren Kinsella said on his website: "Personally, I’m all for toppling ‘em right now."

An election? The Separatist Coalition again? Are they nuts?

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail tries to sum up what Iggy means. Notice there is no actual quotations on what he "says"?


  1. What happened to all their whinning about cooperation and reaching across the floor?? Harper's now invited input and they haven't any to provide?

    I'm a bit surprised though considering just yesterday he claimed to want tax cuts included in the budget. Iggy is also claiming today that Israel's military action is justified. If they continue taking a page from Harper like these two major issues suggest it might be hard to tell a Liberal from a Conservative come next election.

    It's quite obvious the Liberals want to appear confident but don't want to be pigeon holed come next election. Iggy can be vague like he was today on CBC and he can give two different interviews asking for tax cuts in one and spending in the other. Once the next election comes along they can say, "See, Harper should have listened to us and done this." or if and when attacked they can pull out quotes saying, "See, Harper's lying, we are for tax cuts." Instead of making priorities and following with decisions they are taking full advantage of selecting d) All of the above. The few benefits of not being in power is you can be everything to everyone. The Liberal motto for success. Assuredly, they will be proved right in the long run.

    That mean Harper and all his crass political gamesmanship!

  2. I agree. Every time Iggy gets the spotlight, it seems to be a big let down. He was against the coalition, sort of. He had a chance to stand out, and go against the failed coalition. Instead he dithered. How to other Liberals feel about Bob Rae and Iggy jumping to the front of the queue? Bob was a complete failure in Ontario, and Iggy has less experience then the average school Trustee. Why are they leading the party?

  3. Didn't you hear? Iggy's a genius and his magnetic personality will make our world right. One day soon we'll be grateful he left behind his life in academia to lead us all through these troubled times. At least this is what I gathered from the Globe and Mail.

  4. Strack your bang on! Even Trudeau did some time as a cabinet minister before becoming the Liberal leader. Putting someone in the top position without any first hand experience is not very smart. Why not just pick someone out of the phone book. You see this a lot in sports. A team hires a coach or GM with no experience, because he was once a great player. Tremblay and Houl for the Canadiens a few years back. Currently, Hull has been hired as the Dallas Stars GM. Sure Hull may end up okay, but the team owner is taking a shot in the dark, instead of a calculated risk. Hull should have managed a minor league team for a few years, and learned the ropes.

  5. Funny, I almost tended to believe some of the hype as well. But I haven't seen a good performance from him yet.

    Strack: I'm not sure his trying to be everything for everybody is still going to work these days. It's bread and butter for the Libs throughout history but I think they might need to re-think it.

    Anon: Good point about appointing the old star player. Yes! You have to prove yourself first. Iggy is so self-important he probably threatened to go back to Harvard if he didn't get it.

  6. I might be giving the Liberals too much credit Sea Salt but I think all this posturing is preamble to an election every party is preparing to fight before the end of 2009. I think they will be able to cobble together a more coherent and purposeful platform (relative to Dion's at the very least)by the time the writ is dropped. Right now, they're just moving pawns around the board. They're just making sure they don't get trapped in a position they can't escape from come election time.

    Of course, I might be over estimating them and instead of being pigeon holed in a position they don't wish to defend 6 months from now they could appear like Mr. Dithers V2. I really hope this is the case and Canadians soundly reject Iggy and his entourage.

  7. I should add the Libs are probably polling like madmen and once that concludes they will start making their points more clearly.

  8. Strack: I agree with you on that. The cards are held close. Iggy really has to deal with this Coalition thing in a matter of weeks and he doesn't look like he can handle it.

  9. Dan, as your Dad said many times, Toe Blake spent five years coaching in the minors before he coached the Canadiens. Iggy has to learn a few things in the trenches, before he becomes King.

  10. Well I can guess who wrote that anonymous comment.