Thursday, January 8, 2009

Toothless Atheist Bus Advertisments

In Britain, they've done a fund-raiser and will have signs on the side of buses saying: "There's probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life" (Story here)
Dr Dawkins, speaking at the launch in Central London, said he would have rather not had the word "probably" in the advertisement. He said the existence of God was about as likely as that of the tooth fairy.

Nobody cares. He's quibbling over the word "probably." If he really wanted to be controversial, he'd think about other words. If they substituted "God" for "Allah", we would have a true fury on hand. They won't of course, so who gives a damn about this? Even practicing Christians are used to this sort of open disbelief/ridicule.


  1. ""The incredible response to the Atheist Campaign shows just how many atheists out there have been looking for a voice. Now that the buses are rolling out across the country, I feel sure that everyone with non-religious beliefs who spots one of these buses on the streets will be delighted to see what this amazing appeal has achieved.""

    > Yes! I've felt so alone and empty being an Atheist. I really needed this. Every where I look I see nothing but Christians! I feel so oppressed!

    "That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet,"

    > Tell that to a 5yr old in a cancer ward.

    "Many Christian groups and churches welcomed the campaign for putting God into such a prominent position in the public eye."

    > These oppressive people are trying to convert me! HELP! Note: There are no death threats or massive Christian protests on the streets.

  2. I read Dawkins book. This was part of his plan, to identify Atheists as an oppressed member of society. Come on, do we really have to add to the oppressed group list. Don`t we have enough special interests and oppressed minorities? How many more protests does the world have to put up with? Message to Richard Dawkins go fuck yourself.

  3. Strack, be careful what you wish for. Religion gives direction to a lot of not so smart people. People crave some great answer to all the mysteries of the world. Without a God many people will turn to other strange cults, like Global Warming.
    In the US there is no monarchy. They had to invent a replacement. Yes Hollywood stars are the new royalty in America. Actors used to be considered on the same social level as prostitutes. Now they are stars. People living in quiet desperation need something to inspire them.

  4. Anon 10:46, To be clear, I agree. Religion can serve a useful purpose in society. I was mocking the Atheist movement in my comment above.

    Anon 8:08, bang on! There are far too many special interest groups and it's becoming absurd when in this day and age Atheists feel the need to connect with one another and fend off the reaching(?) arm of Christianity. Right or wrong, the progression of taking the church out of the state seems to be moving full steam ahead with little road blocks or too much whinning. Some of the complaints i've read coming from some die hard Atheists are ridiculous. eg/ remove the word "God" from the National anthem, ban the word "Christmas", etc. They're becoming just as dogmatic as some of the Islamic/Evangelical maniacs.

  5. Yeah, they are not oppressed members of society. Everybody needs to be the victim. I ought to start bitching about the Irish Potato Famine and try to get a government grant.

  6. LOL! Good luck with that Sea Salt! The way they're tossing dough around you might just get it. Speaking of which...

    Larry Flynt of Hustler is preparing a bid to get a multi-billion dollar payout! They claim their industy is taking a beating (in the bad way ;-)because everyone's too stressed over the economy and not thinking of sex.

  7. LOL! Yeah, I heard that one from Flint. He's a filth bucket but he's funny.