Friday, January 9, 2009

Call Me a Square, But I Can't Stand This Guy

I hate Sacha Baron Cohen and his guerrilla/shock/embarrassment type humour. Jump a polite person on the street, say and do outrageous things and watch them squirm. I have never watched Borat, nor ever will.

Looks like he's ramping up a new one: Black Jesus to Shock America

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  1. A lot of his stuff is cringeful but I have enjoyed some of his skits. Some Ali G. interviews are really well done and others not so much. I watched the last Borat movie and there were a couple of scenes that had me in stitches. They were more outrageously dramatic in nature as opposed to duping some polite person on the street though. At this point, if I may be so bold to predict, Borat may have jumped the shark and it's time for Sasha Cohen to come up with something new and fresh.