Friday, January 9, 2009

Joe Biden Given Dubious Award by Pakistani Government

Vice-President Elect Joe Biden was awarded the Hilal-i-Pakistan award today. You too can get the award to by pledging $15 billion of US taxpayer to their country. The details of the aid package make one shudder:

Biden, as a Senator, co-sponsored the Biden-Kerry-Lugar legislation for expanding socio-economic aid to Pakistan -- USD 15 billion over next five fiscal years besides advocating an additional USD 7.5 billion over the subsequent five years.

The bill calls for tripling non-military aid to Pakistan to 1.5 billion dollars annually during 2009-13 while making military aid conditional on certification that Pakistani security forces were working to prevent al-Qaida and its allies from operating in Pakistan or launching attacks into Afghanistan from its territory.

(My bolding) That's kind of important I would think! After almost eight years, and (my estimate) $15 billion dollars of aid money since 2001, Pakistan is a safe-haven and operations base for three terrorists groups, two of which are directly acting against US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. They are also disrupting, destroying and hijacking NATO supply convoys within Pakistan. How the hell does the increasingly debt laden US think another $15-$23 billion worth of aid is going to help? They're being played for fools. Is there any debate about this? (I had to find this in an Indian newspaper.)

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