Friday, January 9, 2009

Blagojevich Completely Off His Rocker

People have to see this press conference held today by Blago. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The Illinois House voted 114-1 to impeach him. In the speech, he carts out some sick people and (as I understood) equates his governernorship with saving their lives. Somehow removing him will probably mean they won't get help. That they're trying to remove him because he helps people like this.

It's madness to the point of being comical.

UPDATE: watch the press conference here


  1. I wish this guy could at least get a hair cut. However his new friends waiting in prison, probably like his hair style. This guy deserves a very long sentence.

  2. The hair style is bizzarre for a man of his age. He looks like Potsie.

  3. Did you notice how he kept screwing up the story about the poor latino kid whose organ transplant he takes credit for?
    The point of the story was that the boy's loving brother was willing to donate one of his kidneys to the boy, but the parents had no health insurance so he would not be able to get the operation and was going to die. But Blago stepped in, talked to the right people, pushed the right buttons and pulled the right levers ... and he made that operation happen – he saved that boy's life!
    “Now I ask you," he challenges the audience,"is that an impeachable act?!”
    A touching anecdote except that he kept mixing up which organ it was, and switching back and forth between kidney and liver. Which shows that not only is he too stupid to memorize the speech properly, but that he must also think that the human body has two livers.