Saturday, January 24, 2009

They're Not Calling on Red Bull to Withdraw Sponsorship Money, Though

Reader Strack Attack sent me this article with the comment: "How many articles like this do we read a year? They're so f-cking annoying!"

Skating event’s name irks sovereigntists
Maintaining an English name for today’s popular Crashed Ice downhill skating event in Quebec City is akin to "spitting" on the French language, a sovereignty group charged Friday.

About 30 banner-toting protesters from Mouvement Montreal francais hit the streets of downtown Montreal to propose alternative names they believe are more respectful of the French language.

Surrounded by the Fleur-de-lis and chanting slogans like Red Bull Has No Respect and Red Bull Spits on French, the group even had a bull mascot join in.

"We are calling on Red Bull to rename Crashed Ice in French," spokeswoman Sophie Beaupre said at the protest held outside the company’s office.

"In refusing to do so, Red Bull is spitting on Quebec — literally."

Beaupre was referring to the French word cracher which means to spit.

Just go ahead and separate already.

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  1. Funny, I watched this for a while last night. After a few runs it gets a little boring, but I liked the idea.
    This sort of story goes on everyday in Quebec, and we never hear about it. Now flip the same story into another Province. Can you imagine the media freak out. Headlines of racism, police hate crime charges, and politicians commenting on how this is unacceptable.
    Lets just admit that Quebec in Canada just does not work. The Czechs and Slovaks broke up, and Belgium is on the verge of a separation. English Canada has bent over backwards for Quebec. How much more money do we have to give Quebec, before people realize we are being taken for suckers? And just think of the bright new future, no more French labels,and school children could learn Mandarin instead of the French language.