Monday, March 23, 2009

Predictably the Galloway Ban Backfiring

As I mentioned a few days ago, barring British MP George Galloway from entering Canada was a mistake. It gives ammo to to far-left, conspiracy theorists. They are already making noise:

"We think this move is politically motivated and is simply about silencing someone who has very strong views on our position on Afghanistan and other issues," Clark said.

He said Galloway has been elected five times to British parliament, has never been charged with a crime, has no criminal record, and "it's unclear just how the government sees him as a national security threat."

The groups campaigning to bring Galloway to Canada include The Council of Canadians, Canadian Civil Liberties Union, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, as well as anti-war coalitions, labour unions and community groups.

Now they can feel very self righteous. Their free speech is being unfairly stopped. This gives strength to their cause. Next thing you know we are going to be hearing that the Free Masons secretly ordered it stopped.

As much as I detest the treasonous Galloway, you can never win this sort of battle by silencing people.

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