Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will There Be a Day When the ANC Don't Rule South Africa?

I remember in 1994 a group of us were watching the events from South Africa having their first multi-racial vote. Mandela was a heroic figure and we were giving due praise. One of our friends was born in Zimbabwe, his parents got them out of there when he was a boy. He was not so impressed. He said: "The ANC will never be out of power in South Africa." I've always made it a point to watch if they ever would. Fifteen years later they are still there. These days, they've managed to alienate the famous anti-Apartheid activist, Desmond Tutu.

The archbishop warned ANC leaders this week that "they are not God" and
"one day you will get your comeuppance".


At the present time, I can't pretend to be looking forward to having him [Mr Zuma] as my president," Archbishop Tutu, seen by many as South Africa's voice of conscience, told national radio on Thursday.

In separate public comments, Mr Tutu said: "For his [Mr Zuma's] own sake, I hope they are not going to have a political solution.

"If he is innocent as he has claimed to be, for goodness sake, let it be a court of law that says so."

In response, the ANC said in a statement that the party was "increasingly disturbed" by the manner in which the former archbishop of Cape Town was addressing the issue before an announcement on whether Mr Zuma's trial would proceed.

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