Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is Progress in Afghanistan?

When the US and NATO invaded and occupied Afghanistan, part of the rallying call was to stop the brutal treatment of women by the Taliban. The burka, which didn't even have eye slits, was held up as visual example of such oppression. I remember a year or so after the liberation, seeing news clip of Kabul and there were women wearing the same burkas. It didn't appear that any progress was made.

These days, after almost eight years of occupation, a woman's life is still a dog's life.

Canadian officials contacted the Afghan government Tuesday to express concern about controversial new legislation that would reportedly allow men to rape their wives.

The Canadian government reacted with outrage following reports that the Karzai administration has approved a wide-ranging family law for the country's Shia minority.

Various reports say the legislation would make it illegal for Shia women to refuse their husbands sex, leave the house without their permission, or have custody of children.

Boy, I'm glad we're doing good work over there and making a difference. What sick irony.

What's the point of nation building there? We're enabling this behavior. If it's going to happen anyway in that culture, why do we have to have a hand in it?

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