Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sending Equalization Payments to Ontario

Looks like Ontario joins the money draining provinces along with Quebec, Manitoba and the Maritimes. Ontario now on the dole
Ontario is now a province of haves and have-not.

As of today, the province is an official recipient of equalization payments for the first time in its history, joining other "have-not" provinces that receive monthly cheques from the federal government.

Yet just the day before, the province released its Sunshine List that shows 53,572 people who work in the Ontario public sector made more than $100,000 in 2008.

Overall, the list of publicly funded "haves" has once again grown much faster than Ontario's economy -- up 26% from last year. It's now almost double what it was in 2005 and includes 10% of the entire Ontario Public Service.


Ontario will also be the beneficiary of $347 million in equalization payments from the federal government this year to help the province offer public services that are comparable to other provinces in the federation.

No news yet if this has made a dent in province's "centre of the universe" smugness. Those hicks that they dismiss in the west are paying the bills.

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  1. The worst part about the 100K government salaries, is that there is no realization from the Ontario Liberal government, that this is costing the economy. They do not understand that all taxes come from the private sector. They actually believe having the civil service as the largest employer, in places like Windsor and Sudbury, is good for the economy. The government has lost sight of the fact that taxes are coercive. They compare themselves to the private sector, which must use persuasion to earn their profits. The government will send people with guns to your house, if you do not pay your taxes. There used to be a recognition in government, that the funds had to be spent with great prudence. Those days are long gone. Hey everyone, lets load up on the government payout while you can. Big deficits, higher taxes, a collapsing private sector, higher unemployment, who cares the government gravy train has pulled in.