Friday, January 2, 2009

Canadian Soldier Charged With Second Degree Murder

It's difficult to fight an insurgency when your Taliban and Al Qaeda opponents don't wear a uniform and blend in with the civilian population. The details are not entirely clear in this case, but I naturally am sympathetic with the soldier because he's in a life-threatening environment where being overly cautious pulling the trigger could cost you your life.

CBC reports:

The investigative arm of the Canadian Forces announced on Wednesday that it was probing possible inappropriate conduct stemming from the death of a presumed insurgent.

Canadian military officials were made aware of the allegations on Dec. 27, and notified the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS), which immediately began an investigation.

The probe was meant to investigate whether "proper reporting procedures were followed," said Col. Jamie Cade, acting commander of Task Force Afghanistan.

It reminds me of Breaker Morant where the British Empire troops take the necessary steps to fight guerrilla Boer insurgents but are court-marshaled because they broke phony "procedures".

We'll see when the details come out.

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