Friday, January 2, 2009

Liberal Spin-Meister Engages in Wishful Thinking

I check into Warren Kinsella's website from time to time. To start the year he does his Ten Predictions. I couldn't help but chuckle at a few. (here)

1. There’ll be an election. A minority government, and a country in a near-Depression, are mutually-exclusive concepts. As things get worse, the pressure on the Opposition parties to topple the Conservative administration will be enormous. Personally, I’m all for toppling ‘em right now.

OK, so the Coalition is back then? Since Kinsella works directly for Iggy, this is no doubt what the boss thinks. But I thought the Globe and Mail told me that Ignatieff had successfully distanced himself from the unsuccessful and unpopular coup d’├ętat? Canadians are going to be upset if we have another election. The Liberals are also hopelessly unprepared for one.

2. The Liberal Party of Canada will win the election, because we’ve got the most impressive leader: he’s super-smart, he’s accomplished, he’s decent, he has an extraordinary ability to bring people together. We’ve also got the best team: we’ve got a Rae, a LeBlanc, a Trudeau, a Dryden, a Garneau, a Hall-Finlay, a Dhalla…I could go on. (I will, too.)

Please do go on! I forgot to warn you not to have a mouthful of coffee when reading that. Bob Rae, is less known outside of Ontario, where the Liberals don't get seats, and well known inside of Ontario where he was a disastrous NDP Premier. Justin Trudeau looks like he should be in a boys band. Ken Dryden, the great goalie is a laughably bad public speaker. I've heard of Garneau because he was an astronaut but couldn't pick him out in a police lineup, etc., etc. A note on Iggy too: He's still unknown. We don't know if he's a good politican. He seems pretty wooden to me.

4. The Reform Conservative Party of Parts of Western Canada will lose the election, because they’ve got an angry leader that people – women and young people in particular – just can’t warm up to. They’ll lose because they’ve got a pretty unremarkable team, too. Apart from Jim Prentice and a couple others, I’m guessing 99 per cent of Canadians couldn’t name five ministers in the federal cabinet. When the face of your entire political organization is one man – and a man whom voters are increasingly unenthusiastic about – you’ve got trouble, baby.

Parts of Western Canada? No, the massive majority of western Canada. (And calling them the Reform Party, reaching into an old bag of tricks there.) I guess that Kinsella didn't read the polls that after the coup Harper's numbers were huge and could have secured him a majority if the election were held at the time.

9. We’re overdue for some sort of environmental calamity. That, when combined with the Reform Conservatives’ complete disinterest in things like climate change, will make people angrier. John Baird will wish he had listened to Al Gore. So will everyone.

The Liberals try to push the green agenda and get burned every time. They aren't learning from past mistakes. With the economy bad, everybody is going to be happy not to have listened to Gore and implement wasteful measures that hurt the economy and do nothing to change the environment. You think they would have learned, after having their worst electoral showing since Confederation that their "Green Shift" was not popular. (And Warren, try not to sound like you want a natural disaster so badly.)

Also with Gore, more and more people are starting to realize his film was exaggerated alarmism.

UPDATE: Looks like the polls confirm that Kinsella is dillusional:

Despite the quick replacement of St├ęphane Dion with Michael Ignatieff as party leader, Liberal support remains in the doldrums with 30% of national vote intentions. Conservative support is at 43%--more than enough to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons if an election were held today.


  1. "The Liberal Party of Canada will win the election... Spring will come, flowers will bloom, the natural political balance will be restored." *sigh*

    With Kinsella back on board the Liberal gravy train it's evident the arrogance and cockiness of "Canada's Natural Governing Party" is back. If he actually thinks this attitude wins votes I really hope Iggy gets destroyed at the polls. I hate this most about the Liberal party and it's why they will never get my vote. Ever.

  2. Yeah, he really is not prepared for reality. They only have 75 seats, they need to be more humble.

  3. Strack your so right, but your so wrong. Yes your comments are 100% correct. However you fail to realize all this does not matter to liberal voters. A criminal investigation into the Liberal party, and voters in Toronto still voted Liberal.
    Strack you do not realize most people do not put any thought what so ever into their actions.They vote Liberal regardless of any circumstances what so ever.

  4. Anon: This may be true in the GTA but Liberal support is shrinking into irrelavance. A handful out west and in Quebec and the Maritimes. The lowest result in the history of Confederation. Toronto doesn't get it. Everybody else does.

  5. Think about all the bad stuff the Liberals did, and they still held Harper to a minority. Compare that to Kim Campbell`s PC party winning two seats.
    No other western country would have given so many votes to a party that committed fraud. Liberal voters, vote Liberal regardless of any issue. Liberal voters make statements like, the Liberal party share my values, and the my favorite, "I am a Liberal". Do not under estimate their potential. In the GTA why even have elections, just appointment Liberal MPs.

  6. Anon... I totally agree with you. This is what breeds Liberal arrogance and their sense of their rightful place at the helm of power.

    Not quite related but when a Tory breaks an election promise they are criticized as liars and hypocrites. Rightly so too. When Liberals break election promises they're criticized as pragmatic and working in the best interests of the country.