Friday, March 20, 2009

The Article Everybody Is Talking About

Terence Corcoran's column from the Financial Post was linked by the almighty Drudge today, which means millions of people will have read it. Is this the end of America?

But America is at risk in other ways, especially in the technical business of setting and executing policy. The presidency of Barack Obama has set out on a course that has no precedent in U.S. history. Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose New Deal transformed the U.S. economy during the Great Depression, pushed America off on a sharply different political and ideological course. The Obama administration is different in many ways, not least in its supreme self-confidence in its methods and objectives.

Reform of health care, environmental policy, education, energy, banking, regulation — every nook and cranny of the U.S. economy has been put on alert for major change. Expansion of government spending, plunging the U.S. into unprecedented deficits, is without parallel. In economic policy, through regulation and control of energy output, financial services and monetary expansion, the U.S. government has embarked on a fundamental reshaping of America. It is designed, in short, to bring on the end of America.

The spillover effect of all this on the rest of the world promises to be dramatically disruptive. The greatest global risk is in monetary and currency policy. Below is a chart that graphically demonstrates the sharp deviation in monetary policy from past norms. Under the chairmanship of Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve is in the midst of a giant economic experiment, flooding the world with U.S. dollars, hoping that flood will stimulate economic activity.

Read it all, if you dare. I like to put up lighter things on Friday, so I apologize. Just try to remember the laughs you got last night when President Obama was on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno.


  1. I believe this will become known as the Reagan Counter Revolution. Think back to 1980, "government is the problem not the solution".
    Today Washington is going to solve every problem. Just keep printing money, and everything will be alright.
    This will end badly. Keep your eyes open down the road for, US currency controls, and a massive devaluation in the US dollar.

  2. I'm already looking at 2010 to blast the Dems out of Congress. Bring back Newt!