Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GM, Union Deal a Sick Joke

The overpaid, over pensioned GM workers were supposed to make some serious concessions demanded by Ottawa to clear the way for more bailout funds. As Greg Weston summarizes in the Ottawa Sun, they are hardly what you would call serious.

Add it all up, and the "major sacrifices" being made by the autoworkers for billions of taxpayers' dollars are as follows:

Their pay and pensions stay the same. They lose a spa week, and give their Christmas bonus to the oldtimers. They have to pay a bit more for daycare and a divorce, and $30 a month for a benefits package to strike for.

Hold the hankies.

No doubt they will get the bailout, despite this slap in the face to the sensibility of the Canadian public. It's disgusting.

UPDATE: via Strack Attack in the comments: Clement has harsh words

Industry Minister Tony Clement said Monday the deal on its own falls short of what the federal government needs to proceed with a bailout.

"Is it enough in and of itself? No, it’s not," Clement said in Halifax after making an announcement on infrastructure spending for colleges and universities.

"We still have to arrive at the conclusion that GM is viable, (and) that on a go forward basis, that our money will be put to good use."

Clement said auto makers need to prove Canada can be part of the sector in the future and that they will continue to provide jobs.

Harsh words, but if the Americans do a second bailout, in my opinion, so will Canada. It's as simple as that.


  1. You have to admire how the CAW chief was able to keep a straight face during the media announcement. This is actually a big step a head of government employees. The teachers union in Ontario just received a 12% pay hike.
    This is just one more reason to close down GM. The managers and the employees are living in a dream world of government socialism.

  2. Their dream my nightmare.

  3. Hopefully those CAW liars will hoist their own petard. You have to think the public will be outraged at this.

  4. Thankfully, the government's stance is luke warm to say the least regarding this "compromise". Good. I hope Tony Clement means it. Read in full here;


  5. The public seems to be favouring, not giving tax money to GM. A friend of mine had student summer employment with GM in Oshawa, back in the mid 80s. He stressed to me how incredible the sense of entitlement was amongst the GM workers. He also had a lot of assembly line horrors stories. The funny part is that the Oshawa assembly plants are ranked in the top level of General Motors plants. Just imagine
    how bad the lower level plants must be.
    This auto bailout experiment was already tried in Britain. The result was bad cars produced by over paid union workers, and the company failed anyways. Lets learn from other countries mistakes.