Friday, March 27, 2009

CBC Supporters Don't Want to Pledge Their Own Money

There is a petition going around the "Save the CBC."

The CBC is asking for temporary loans amounting to just $6 per Canadian, or less than 2 pennies a day for each of us. We can make this happen, so let's pull out all the stops to deliver a massive petition to Parliament and Save the CBC!

Petition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper: The CBC and Radio Canada are a national treasure, and play a vital role in our culture. We urgently call on you to grant the CBC's request for a bridge loan to cover its budget shortfall this year, and commit your government to supporting our public broadcasters.

Why don't they have a pledge drive like PBS and pony up some of their own dough while they're at it? I like how they mention that the money is only $6 per Canadian, but nowhere do they ask these loyal CBC fans to pay themselves. If it means enough to people, they will pay.


  1. Where's the value for that money? Their product is terrible. How many people actually watch this garbage? Apart from Hockey or possibly the National, not many.

  2. That's it for me. And half the time I watch the National I'm pounding my fist at the left wing bias.

  3. I hate the lame argument that the CBC represents some sort of cultural thread keeping our big country together. Nonsense. I know no more of being a Newfoundlander nor a Vancouverite by watching Fifth Estate or Little Mosque on the Prairie. Considering the pathetic ratings they get our country is no worse for wear without it. You can barely tell the difference between the CTV and the CBC at times anyway.

    The supporters must like the notion of the CBC more so than the product itself. Otherwise their stance makes no sense.

  4. The CBC is a never ending nightmare. It`s an entitlement just like Quebec dairy farmers, and Saskatchewan wheat farmers. In the early TV years they would only broadcast the third period of the hockey game on Saturday night. Can you believe it. Hockey Night in Canada was their cash cow, and they would only show the third period. Anyone with any business sense would never have done this.
    The government also feels they have the right to limit your viewing choices. In the early 80s they banned satellite dishes. People just ignored the law. Even today ESPN, Bloomberg, and many other stations are banned. The government and the CBC would love to be able to ban all other stations (which happens all over the world) and be able to dictate your viewing habits.