Friday, March 20, 2009

Grim Irony: Canadian Islamic Convert Woman Facing Beheading in Pakistan

Khadija Abdul Qahar, formerly know as Beverly Giesbrecht, was kidnapped by the Taliban in northern Pakistan. The Globe and Mail has the details, with hostage video:
BANNU, PAKISTAN and TORONTO — A Canadian held hostage after she travelled to the lawless tribal belt of northern Pakistan says the Taliban will behead her by the end of the month if a ransom isn't paid.

In a new video provided to The Globe and Mail, Beverly Giesbrecht expresses fear for her life if her captors aren't paid.

“I have been advised and asked to make this video. We have very short time now and I am going to be killed, as you can see,” she says, gesturing at the dagger on the wall behind her, pointed at her head.


Ms. Giesbrecht, who is also known as Khadija Abdul Qahaar, has been a captive for four months. The West Vancouver resident converted to Islam after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and runs a website, Jihad Unspun, that says it provides information “devoid of the constraints of mainstream media.” Her visa application to Pakistan said she was a freelance journalist working on a documentary for the Al-Jazeera television network.

She was captured by gunmen last November, reportedly by the Taliban commander Gul Bahadur, who leads fighters in the volatile North Waziristan region.

“I need some kind, someone to help me, the Pakistani government and my own country and somebody must move now, because my life is going to be over. I want to go home. So, these people are serious. Please help me,” a wavering Ms. Giesbrecht says in her latest video.

I checked out her website, and it is unapologetically pro-jihad, including a sick musical video of a US personnel carrier being blown up. The site is Sample:
Here is a new video release from the Islamic State of Iraq that shows Mujahideen detonating an IED at a US Bradley in Baghdad that completely destroys the vehicle. Please be patient as this Windows Media file downloads to your computer.

I hope she gets out of this and realizes the errors of her way and drops the jihad posturing.


  1. Hey lady you get what you get. You converted to their religion and moved to Pakistan. This could end up on one of those Darwin joke lists.
    Hopefully this can be used as a lesson to other stupid people, that may be considering converting to their so-called religion. I always like to look on the positive side of things.

  2. Wow. Irony... you're not kidding.

  3. You said she had a video of a US ship being destroyed, on her website. Sorry, but someone that thinks attacking the west is a good idea, does not get my sympathy.
    I think we all understand how women are treated in the Middle East. This women volunteered to except their way of life.
    She also converted after the 9/11 bombings. What sort of sick person is inspired to join up with the murders of 3000 innocent people?

  4. That's what got me. She converted after 9-11. Because she enjoyed the spectacle?

  5. Call me an ageist but I was expecting her to be a 25yr old. She looks pretty old. It's definitely weird timing to convert.

  6. This may make a great propaganda video clip. Some women living in West Vancouver decides to become a Middle Easterner, after 9/11. She puts a video on her website, of a US navy ship being destroyed.
    Then the Taliban kill her anyways. I bet she is now thinking that sipping a double double back in West Vancouver, was not so bad after all. It looks like her Western epiphany may have been a little too late.

  7. I agree, it should be a cautionary tale.

    Remember when Steve Earle made a song about Johnny Taliban, the white kid from Sausalito they found in Afghanistan fighting for with Al Qaeda? Earle was a great country singer at one time, but the song was about the poor kid who became disillusioned with being rich and watching MTV. Basically, joining the Jihad was a real alternative. It made me sick.