Thursday, March 5, 2009

T.O. Out in Big D

Trouble maker Terrell Owens was dramatically cut by Dallas last night. As a Giants fan, I'm a little sad, because I loved watching this cancer destroy the hated Cowboys. The great Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports, as usual, has a hilarious take down: Don't worry, T.O. will find another sucker

Can we talk as men today? Grown, life-experienced men.

If wide receivers are strippers, then Terrell Owens is a boob job and a new strip club away from extending his NFL career.

We can't help ourselves. The never-ending conversion of T.O.'s into housewives is in our nature. We frighten ourselves listening to the horror stories about $100 million divorce settlements, affairs with former customers and battles with depression.

We watch Casino over and over again, sickened each time Sharon "Ginger" Stone makes a fool out of Robert "Sam Rothstein" De Niro and eventually costs Joe "Nicky Santoro" Pesci his life.

But when the DVD stops, our mental note card is filled with the mistakes we believe Sam Rothstein made along the way.

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